Decentralized non-contact foam washing of food equipment

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Cleaning of outside and inside surfaces of the equipment, transport facilities, walls and ceilings is a major task for the company to solve. Currently this is done mainly by hand-labour.

Presently, a limited set of janitorial supplies is available: buckets, brushes and cleaning wastes. Moreover, water pressure in the central water supply system (2-4 bar) cannot provide automatic functioning of the foam units.

Besides, water discharge has been out of control and the amount of detergents is defined in manual way. All the more so, the total cleaning time of manufacturing facilities after a working day takes from 1,5 to 3 hours.

One of the most effective methods of outside washing and disinfection in food and food-processing manufacturing plants is introducing decentralized system for outside foaming.

Stationary washing systems are intended for applying alkaline/acid-based foams to the surface to be cleaned and also for disinfection of the equipment. Foam-making is produced by automatic mixing of foaming agent until it gets thick and then is applied to the surface that needs cleaning. Use of 25 m hose allows to spread foaming onto the area up to 1900 sq metres, then flush under pressure and perform disinfection of the facilities.


Foam stations are easy to adjust thus allowing required washing solution concentration and foam thickness. Switching to the necessary washing mode is performed at the foam unit and is intuitively clear for working staff.


Pressure increasing station

Increasing pressure required for effective washing up to 20 bar is supplied by the central pump station (CPS), that is assembled directly in the production area or in a separate room. CPS is connected to the water supply system functioning at the plant. The set of the equipment comprises installation elements required for connecting to the water supply system. The CPS-type is to be selected according to the required number of washing units (satellite stations) working simultaneously.

ODYSSEY pump stations are the main elements of the stationary washing station. They are performed by a AISI304 stainless steel cabinet that includes:

  • Vertical centrifugal multi-stage pump
  • Frequency converter
  • Pressure indicator
  • Dry running indicator
  • Control automation

The station offers and supports water pressure of 20 bar when 8 working units are simultaneously functioning in ‘flushing’ mode.


Switching washing modes

To switch the mode (foam/flushing/disinfection) you are to turn the handle of the foam satellite that is available at every washing unit and then change the nozzle of the flushing gun-handle. All the nozzles are fixed by quick couplings that allows quick and easy switching.

Water, air and detergent mixing system is designed in the way that provides the detergent sucking from the can by some overpressure. This makes additional mixing operations unnecessary. After applying the foam for the required exposition time (10-20 min.) foaming satellite is easily switched to the ‘flush’ mode and water stream removes the washing solution together with remains of protein deposits and other pollutants.


Foam units

Stationary foam unit is a facility where the process of mixing water, detergent and compressed air is carried out. Its main function is to apply foam to the surface intended for cleaning. The main element of the steam-generator of this kind is foam injector custom designed by Odyssey Systems Ltd. for this specific purpose – applying thick foam.

All the components are made of AISI304 stainless steel that makes emergence of any rust or corrosion totally impossible. You will never have to manually mix the solution and then pour it into the steam-generator, all these operations will be implemented automatically with preset concentration of 0,1-10%. Two operational modes are provided: foaming and flushing. Switching to the mode required can be done by turning off the tap. And this is intuitively clear for the staff.

Every unit is supplied with a drum for reeling the hose, flushing gun-handle with nozzles and can-holder. When wall mounting is impossible a foam unit is adjusted to the stainless steel assembly stand.

Methods of washing food equipment:



Advanced requirements of food producers determine manufacturers’ choice of the equipment to be applied to provide necessary standards of sanitation and hygiene at the plant. Among others three main kinds of cleaning can be outlined: manual labour, high-pressure equipment and introducing stationary washing stations.

Manual labour is the most out-of-the-day method. All the more so, that to get the required quality of cleaning is far not always possible. Thereby, time expenses are much higher as compared to other variants. Uncontrollable water and chemical agents amount used in this washing solution puts a question of its economical effect when solving the tasks assigned.



In this kind of cleaning hoses and wires go through the facility areas. To put this apparatus into operation a worker is to install the equipment, connect it into a single system, manually apply washing solution and put everything in their proper places after the work is done.

The task becomes still more difficult if the cleaning is to be made in separated rooms. Large plants can comprise more than 10 sections of the kind in a manufacturing facility. Moving steam-generators and high pressure apparatus from one room to another increases daily cleaning-time.



The third variant is use of stationary washing stations. This type of cleaning allows to reduce time necessary for sanitary procedures, lowers water and detergents consumption. Stationary washing station is a system containing pump station that provides the required water pressure and satellite units that are located in special cleaning areas of the manufacturing facility.

Introduction of stationary washing station for outside foaming washing at a plant allows to get the following results: - Up to 40% economy of water consumption - Reduce by 1.5 times period for the cleaning process - 30% economy of washing chemicals.

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Own production

We ourselves produce most of the positions for the system: Pumping stations, foam stations, mobile trolleys, holders, mounting stands, etc.

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Providing a test sample

For enterprises in which water treatment systems are installed to provide a working pressure of 20 bar, we can provide for 30 days a test sample of foam satellite for operation at the enterprise.

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Own Trademark

We have registered our own trademark and we always make sure that the client is satisfied and recommends us to specialists of other enterprises

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Step-by-step financing

First payment 40%. Two weeks after payment, your drum, hose, wash roller chicken are delivered to your enterprise. The second payment is 30%. Four weeks after the receipt of the payment, pump stations, foam satellites are shipped. 30% is paid on the completion of work.

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Our work experience

We have been developing, manufacturing and introducing our equipment at enterprises for more than 5 years. We have no white spots in this matter

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Turnkey works

The Odyssey Systems Company provides a full range of services in matters of cleanliness in food businesses: from processing the application to the delivery of the facility and training of staff. Our specialists will install the system in any region of the Russian Federation.

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