Dairy production

Hygiene in dairy production. External washing of technological equipment.

Violation of sanitary rules in dairy and cheese production leads to the entry of harmful chemicals into products, causing the multiplication of bacteria. The toxins released by microorganisms in dairy products can be dangerous to the health of consumers.

A comprehensive approach to sanitation is required to comply with all health standards. Our company is engaged in a complex solution of sanitation problems in food enterprises. The introduction of a stationary washing station at the plant will significantly reduce the company's tattered water, detergents, and shorten the time it takes to clean the process equipment on a daily basis.

Ensuring the sanitary treatment of industrial premises with the help of stationary washing stations

Production of dairy products includes conveyor belts, filling lines, packing lines, large-capacity containers, containers - all this requires regular and high-quality disinfection. To cope with this challenge is possible with the help of systems for external foam cleaning.

Stationary post for external foam cleaning of process equipment.

With the help of decentralized systems for external foam cleaning, it is possible to apply a thick foam to the most inaccessible surfaces of not only the process equipment. Washing and disinfection of floors and walls using detergents can significantly reduce labor costs, save materials and time. A jet of water with a pressure of up to 20 bar can easily cope with protein-fat contamination in dairy production. The number of detergent posts is determined by the customer, based on the production capacity of the enterprise.

In order to clean the process equipment and premises, it is enough to select the desired mode on the foam injector (foam / wash / disinfection) and install the desired nozzle on the washing gun. Dense foam, applied over a short period of time, will perfectly cope with the pollution typical for dairy production. After that, the residues of contamination are washed off with water under pressure and disinfection is applied.

Assessing the price

The system for external foam cleaning includes a set of equipment consisting of a pumping station for increasing pressure and foam posts located in the workshop at the cleaning places. Foam application, flushing under pressure and disinfection of food equipment are the tasks that you can easily do with a stationary washing station. Workers will no longer have to mix the detergent solution themselves, adjust the foam generator, connect high-pressure devices, move equipment from one room to another. With the introduction of a stationary washing station for external foam washing, the time for cleaning the premises and equipment will be significantly reduced, the consumption of water and detergents will decrease, and the sanitation and hygiene standards at the enterprise will increase. The system for external foam cleaning includes a set of equipment consisting of a pumping station increase of pressure and foam posts, located in the workshop in the places of cleaning.


Work with us

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Own production

We ourselves produce most of the positions for the system: Pumping stations, foam stations, mobile trolleys, holders, mounting stands, etc.

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Providing a test sample

For enterprises in which water treatment systems are installed to provide a working pressure of 20 bar, we can provide for 30 days a test sample of foam satellite for operation at the enterprise.

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Own Trademark

We have registered our own trademark and we always make sure that the client is satisfied and recommends us to specialists of other enterprises

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Step-by-step financing

First payment 40%. Two weeks after payment, your drum, hose, wash roller chicken are delivered to your enterprise. The second payment is 30%. Four weeks after the receipt of the payment, pump stations, foam satellites are shipped. 30% is paid on the completion of work.

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Our work experience

We have been developing, manufacturing and introducing our equipment at enterprises for more than 5 years. We have no white spots in this matter

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Turnkey works

The Odyssey Systems Company provides a full range of services in matters of cleanliness in food businesses: from processing the application to the delivery of the facility and training of staff. Our specialists will install the system in any region of the Russian Federation.

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