Fish production

Hygiene in the fish industry

When processing fish products after each release of containers and storage containers, thorough disinfection from fish oil, mucus, and scales is required. In refrigerating chambers, on the equipment as a result of poor-quality processing fungi and mold often appear. To cope with these problems is possible only with an integrated approach to hygiene of premises and personnel.

Ensuring the sanitary processing of industrial premises in the fish shop with the help of stationary washing stations

When processing fish products not only different containers are used, but also various technological equipment, cutting tables. After each cycle, it is necessary to carefully process all rooms, to produce high-quality disinfection. Stations of increased pressure with minimal costs of detergents and water with a minimum of labor can solve all these problems.

A stationary post for an external foam wash.

For a short period of time, an employee of the enterprise will apply a thick foam to all surfaces of the room, even in the most inaccessible places. After holding the exposure in the "flush" mode, it will wash off the foam along with the impurities and treat the surface with disinfectants.

We are manufacturers of stationary washing stations and we carry out a full cycle of production: from drafting to installation at the enterprise and training of personnel. The proposed resource-intensive technologies will allow the company to reduce the consumption of water and detergents, as well as reduce the time for cleaning.

Workers will no longer have to mix the cleaning solution manually, connect foam generators and high-pressure apparatus. Foam injector is designed in such a way that the change of washing modes occurs by overlapping the cranes. The length of the shang up to 25 m allows you to clean and apply a disinfectant solution on an area of 1,900 square meters from a single washing post.

Assessing the price

The system for external foam cleaning includes a set of equipment consisting of a pumping station for increasing pressure and foam stations located in the workshop at the cleaning places. Foam application, flushing under pressure and disinfection of food equipment are the tasks that you can easily do with a stationary washing station. Workers will no longer have to mix the detergent solution themselves, adjust the foam generator, connect high-pressure devices, move equipment from one room to another. With the introduction of a stationary washing station for external foam washing, the time for cleaning the premises and equipment will be significantly reduced, the consumption of water and detergents will decrease, the standards of sanitation and hygiene in the enterprise will increase.


Work with us

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Own production

We ourselves produce most of the positions for the system: Pumping stations, foam stations, mobile trolleys, holders, mounting stands, etc.

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Providing a test sample

For enterprises in which water treatment systems are installed to provide a working pressure of 20 bar, we can provide for 30 days a test sample of foam satellite for operation at the enterprise.

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Own Trademark

We have registered our own trademark and we always make sure that the client is satisfied and recommends us to specialists of other enterprises

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Step-by-step financing

First payment 40%. Two weeks after payment, your drum, hose, wash roller chicken are delivered to your enterprise. The second payment is 30%. Four weeks after the receipt of the payment, pump stations, foam satellites are shipped. 30% is paid on the completion of work.

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Our work experience

We have been developing, manufacturing and introducing our equipment at enterprises for more than 5 years. We have no white spots in this matter

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Turnkey works

The Odyssey Systems Company provides a full range of services in matters of cleanliness in food businesses: from processing the application to the delivery of the facility and training of staff. Our specialists will install the system in any region of the Russian Federation.

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