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OdysseySystems is a manufacturer of stationary washing stations for the food industry. With the help of our company, a food company can get a number of integrated solutions that are aimed at improving industrial sanitation.

We carry out a complete cycle: from designing the equipment to installation and installation in the customer's enterprise. In addition, training is provided for personnel engaged in daily cleaning of industrial premises.

The production and delivery time is from 60 to 90 days. Delivery of equipment is carried out by the transport company of your choice and is from 5 to 14 days. For 2 days before the equipment arrives at your warehouse, the installation team comes to your city and carries out installation. Reception of equipment from the transport company is carried out by our specialists. That is, all work on the installation of a stationary washing station is entrusted to our specialists who fulfill all the tasks assigned to them in a relatively short time.

The equipment and installation works are covered by a 1-year warranty. For consumables (hoses and guns) the warranty is 4 months. In the event of a contract for the supply of detergents for use on our equipment, the warranty covers the entire period of use of the equipment.

By default, the trunking is carried out by reinforced polypropylene pipes PN25. At the request of the customer, the pipe material can be changed to stainless steel AISI304

  • For the installation of the system, there are mandatory requirements for water treatment:
  • Water inlet pressure 1.5 bar
  • Water temperature not more than 70 degrees;
  • Presence of drains in industrial premises
  • Electrical connection 380V 50 Hz.

Also for the operation of our equipment, the company must have a compressed air supply system. The customer undertakes to supply compressed air to each post. Air pressure 6-8 bar, air quantity 150 l / min from one post.

You can be sure that by introducing a stationary washing station of OdysseySystems to your production, you will get not only high-quality equipment, but also significantly save the consumption of water, detergents, time for cleaning industrial premises.

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