Stationary foam-generator Odyssey SR2

Amount of washing products:  2
Max.water pressure, (bar): 40
Max. water temp., (°C): 70
Min. water pressure, (bar): 12
Max.hose length, (m): 25
Dosage limit, (%): 1 - 10
Compressed air pressure, (bar): 5 - 10
Compressed air consumption,(l/min.):  150
Inlet diameter: umption,(l/min.): ½”
Outlet diameter: mption,l/min.): ½”
Steel: mption,(l/min.): AISI304
72 000 roubles Купить


Stationary foam generator is an apparatus ensuring mixing of water, washing product and compressed air. Its main function  is to apply the foam to the surface to be cleaned. All elements are made of stainless steel AISI304 to prevent emergence of rust and corrosion.

Protective housing for the satellite junction is necessary to prevent chemicals penetration into the mixing unit.

Stationary steam generator SP2 is intended for application alkaline-based and acid-based foam and also for flushing the equipment.

Complete set pf equipment:

  • Foam satellite
  • Quick coupling ‘American tap’ Material   AISI304
  • Water supply tap  Material AISI304
  • Compressed air tap Material AISI304
  • Hoses for chemicals intake 1.5 m
  • Hose for connection to the compressed air mainline 0.5 m
  • Set of screws for assembling Material AISI304
  • Manual for the staff for wall placement in the working room
  • Passport of the equipment
  • Conformity Certificate, The Customs Union Declaration.

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