Stationary cleaning stations

for foam external cleaning of food preparation and food processing equipment

The system for foam external cleaning includes a set of equipment consisting of pump repressuring station and foam units located in the production facility cleaning areas. Foam spraying, rinsing under pressure and disinfection are the tasks to be easily solved with stationary washing station. You will have no more need for special preparing of washing solution, adjusting steam-generator, connecting high pressure systems, moving the equipment from one room to another. Introducing this system in your manufacturing company will strongly reduce cleaning time for rooms and facilities, minimize consumption of water and washing agents, and also will provide meeting high sanitary and hygiene standards.

Our customers

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Small shops

System for 2-3 cleaning posts

This solution is ideal for small enterprises and production shops, agricultural enterprises, farms, small slaughter shops.

Package price
from 390 000 rub.

Medium-sized enterprises

System for 4-7 cleaning posts

This option is suitable for factories where the number of premises in which it is necessary to carry out daily cleaning more than 4: dairies, meat processing plants, enterprises of the fishing industry.

Package price
from 850 000 rub.

Major factories

System for 8-12 washing posts

This variant is intended for agroholdings, shops of poultry factories, large manufacturing enterprises. Installation of the system at several production levels is possible.

Package price
from 1 900 000 rubles

We introduce

Complex solutions in the branches

Washing stations

at the production


The main activity of the company is the production of stationary washing stations for the food industry. We produce equipment for foaming, washing and disinfecting of food equipment. The proposed technologies will help you to improve the level of sanitation and hygiene at the plant.


The technology of external foam cleaning of food equipment by means of a stationary washing station includes the following steps: applying foam based on alkaline and acid detergents, washing under pressure, disinfection. The change of regimes occurs at the foam posts located at the workshop in the cleaning areas.


When introducing into the food production of a decentralized system for external foam cleaning of technological equipment and premises, the consumption of water and detergents is significantly reduced, the amount of time for cleaning and the necessary staff is reduced. Up to 40% water saving. 1.5 times less time to clean. Up to 30% savings on detergents.


Work with us

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Own production

We ourselves produce most of the positions for the system: Pumping stations, foam stations, mobile trolleys, holders, mounting stands, etc.

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Providing a test sample

For enterprises in which water treatment systems are installed to provide a working pressure of 20 bar, we can provide for 30 days a test sample of foam satellite for operation at the enterprise.

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Own Trademark

We have registered our own trademark and we always make sure that the client is satisfied and recommends us to specialists of other enterprises

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Step-by-step financing

First payment 40%. Two weeks after payment, your drum, hose, wash roller chicken are delivered to your enterprise. The second payment is 30%. Four weeks after the receipt of the payment, pump stations, foam satellites are shipped. 30% is paid on the completion of work.

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Our work experience

We have been developing, manufacturing and introducing our equipment at enterprises for more than 5 years. We have no white spots in this matter

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Turnkey works

The Odyssey Systems Company provides a full range of services in matters of cleanliness in food businesses: from processing the application to the delivery of the facility and training of staff. Our specialists will install the system in any region of the Russian Federation.

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Shipment and installation works

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about our products

Rybny Hit” Ltd, Fish processing company


“We have equipped the plant with 2 complete sets for 17 working units. Everything works well. We develop our cooperation with  OdysseySystems other fields”.

“Molokozavod Petropavlovsky” Ltd.


“We have installed the equipment in our dairy with 8 working units. The order was  made  through  tender. Due to the  remoteness,  OdysseySystems Ltd. appeared the only company  to get interested in the project taking into account the budget available. Manufacturing and assembly took 4 months”.

Kozhevnikovo’ brewery Ltd.

Kozhevnikovo village, Tomskaya oblast’

“We have introduced  foam  units manufactured  by OdysseySystems Ltd. instead of those produced in Europe. The introduced ones are quite good with the price 1.5 times lower.”

“Altaiskaya utka” Ltd. poultry company

Cheryomnoye village, Altai krai

“We have installed the equipment for 3 working units in the abattoir. In a week specific abattoir smell  was away. No serious complaints during these 3 years. Water consumption and washing products expenditure show sufficient reduce. We are glad with the result”.

“Afanasy” private brewery Ltd.

Tver’, abattoir

Developing meat processing we decided  to introduce stationary washing station for foam washing. The station is intended for 4 working units. The assembly took 4 days. No complaints”.

“Lyubava” Ltd. Melted cheese production


“We have installed the equipment for 2 working units. Very convenient to change the mode, just fix the injector’s proper position and change the nozzle position on the gun-handle. Earlier, the washing process had been done in manual way using hose and brushes. The present cleaning takes 1.5 times less”.

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